GPS Pet Tracker PT590

GPS Pet Tracker PT590

Model No: PT590

Our pets are an integral part of our life. We admire them and love them but we cannot be with them at all times. The GPS Pet Tracker PT590 is a device that has been especially designed to protect your pet in adverse situations. It is a incredibly expedient product that provides you the exact location of your pet using the latest GPS tracking systems.


Smart Locator

The device utilizes the Global Positioning System and the Location-based services to provide the real-time location of your pet with utmost accuracy. You can set up multiple profiles for all your pets and track them using our application services.

Voice Monitoring

Helps you keep a check on their surroundings and identify if they are in a crowded place, on a road or hidden in a quiet corner of the house.

Waterproof IP67

Let your pets roll in the mud or enjoy a refreshing bath in a pond without any worries. The GPS device comes with a waterproof of the grade IP67 that will not let it destroyed with the regular fuss-making of your pets.


You can set up a particular beyond which you do not wish your pet to go. If it crosses the mark you will get instant alerts and get informed about its location.
Features Detail
Positioning GPS+LBS+WIFI+AGPS Positioning
Acceleration Sensor 3 Shaft G-Sensor
Waterproof IP65
Charging interface Pogo Pin charging
Display 1.54″ IPS Resolution 240*240
Camera 30W FF
Battery 680mAh/4.35Vli-polymer battery support NTC
Bluetooth 4.1
Display About 550uA
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
System Android 6.0
Standby time >96H
Operating Temperature -20℃~55 ℃
Device Weight BMA250EF
Device Size 49.10 X40.3X15.5mm
GPRS Class 12
Chipset MT6737
Sim card Nano
GPS Channel 66
Antenna LDS
Location Accuracy 3-10 meters
Tracking Sensitivity -165dBm A28
Acquisition Sensitivity -148dBm
TTFF (open sky) Hot start <5s Cold start<30 s
pets gps tracker
Product Features
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    Real-time GPS Tracking

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    One-touch SOS Button

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    Advanced 2-mode positioning

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    Voice monitoring capability

PT590, device for you four-legged buddy. You can hear them when they are not around. Provided with waterproof IP67 and with real time tracker. Easily track on IOS and Android. You can use the Geo-fence feature to protect your pets from misleading the path.

pets tracker

A 3-mode positioning device for pets

Track your pets through this GPS tracking device in real time
without getting worried. Just set them free
with this pet tracker on.

pets gps tracker

Keep your pets far from danger

As we know, pets can go wherever they want, but you don’t have to
worry with our pet tracker you can set the area in Geo-fence
and check when they go out of the set zone.

PT590 is a device that ensures that your four-legged friend do not get lost while exploring the different areas around your house. You can easily track them using the apps and application systems and get their real-time location. The product aims at keeping your pets away from any kind of danger.