Fleet Mangement
July 4, 2018

How car GPS OBD tracker is cutting down on operational cost of fleet owners?

Fleet management is a challenge for fleet business owners. Effectively managing a fleet requires more than just keeping track of car locations, it also involves proper maintenance of the cars and optimizing the way driver drives them. It is not a secret that fleet management system is improving fleet’s performance through increased equipment, decreased maintenance and repair costs and increased vehicle utilization.

France is experiencing a low of -1.3% in the fleet market. Whereas, the automated fleet management market increased by 7.4%. It is high time for the fleet businesses to take automated fleet management system in account. Car GPS OBD device will help in tracking, fuel consumption, problematic driving patterns, and identify performance improvements.

Longer vehicle life- You spend more resources on the broken vehicle rather putting it towards company’s growth. With automated fleet management, you’re more likely to become aware of vehicle issues beforehand. A well-maintained car doesn’t get any issues frequently. Also, to effectively and efficiently keep up with fluctuating fuel rates, a fleet management dashboard will provide you with the transparent on what is need to be taken care of.

Decreased operational cost- Maximizing the efficiency of routes, improper gear usage, minimizing idling, hard braking, over speeding,  organizations can save fuel and repair bills and increase their profitability.

Improved reporting- You need visibility to determine if your fleet vehicles are actually delivering optimal performance. Your In-house reporting may not be granular enough to capture this information. GPS car tracking system can also improve accessibility, allowing users to access different functionalities. This increases the usage and benefit of the system and allows you to use the data to make important decisions. Therefore, it’s important to make GPS OBD vehicle tracking device a vital tool into your fleet management system.

Higher customer retention- With real time vehicle tracking, customers can rely on the technology for status updates to find out approximate arrival time. Ultimately, by increasing customer satisfaction you will secure the best chance of retaining the customer in future.

Employee satisfaction- Proper fleet management will make it possible to plan a journey for the driver by avoiding traffic delays. this will cut back excessive driving time and vehicle usage. Thus, it encourages drivers to drive safely with less fuel wastage. With GPS OBD device drivers are aware that all overtime work and punctuality is recorded accurately, this often leads to higher levels of employee satisfaction in companies.

Choosing the right platform:

If you’ve been attempting to handle your own fleet and looking to improve current performance of your business, there has never been a better time to look into ThinkRace Technology’s GPS OBD device for a smoother management of your fleet.