July 21, 2018

How GPS smart watches are supporting security of elderly at care centers?

GPS technology identifies a person’s location using a transmitter that sends a signal to a network of telecommunications satellites, which then relay the signal through mobile phone networks to a caregiver’s mobile device. Because they use satellites, GPS devices can locate a person across large areas, theoretically anywhere on earth that a satellite signal can reach.

The reason for using this technology- Main reason behind using this latest technology is to keep the elderly safe, and caregivers can keep track of their health and safety.

Health assessment- GPS watch monitors heartbeat, and vital signs for the wellbeing of elderly, caretakers can keep a log to keep track on the health of seniors with the help of smart watch, It has a built-in heart rate monitor, it can also report and monitor sleep, calorie, pedometer, real-time distance.

Emergency response- Senior wearable often have an emergency or SOS feature that will call for help at the touch of a button. When an elderly is living in a care center, a device like this could save them in case of any kind of miss happening, care from the management can reach them as soon as possible.

Geo-fencing- GPS devices can also be used to build virtual boundaries also known as geo-fence, which trigger a notification if the elderly patient goes outside a designated safe area.

Data analysis- This elderly watch design has the potential to support health in everyday living by enabling monitoring of activity of the elderly, obtaining feedback based on activity measures; allowing to identify patterns of behavior and supporting communication with health care providers and family members. However, smart watches are an emerging technology and these watches are now necessary for old age home to consider.

In case of fall- With Slips and falls are considered to be the main cause of injury in the elderly, when walking on a smooth floor they should wear non-slip footwear. Seniors are at high risk of falling due to decreased balance and bad vision. In a single touch elderly can call for help anytime with elderly SOS watch, caregivers can reach to the elderly as soon as the incident happens. GPS wearable can help them in case of emergency, they can push a button to call on the GPS watch.

Quick response- GPS smart watches help caregivers and emergency responders of care centers to quickly locate and ensure the safety of elderly if they wander. It makes the elderly feel more secure.

GPS smart watch technology offers the potential to enhance safety and to enhance aspects of care such as freedom of movement for patients in the care center. However, implementation of GPS watches is likely to be perceived to enhance safety for the elderly. With consideration of wider benefits of successful implementation these devices may be facilitated by staff training to ensure the good utilization, and by the involvement of staff, residents and relatives in and decision-making within the implementation process.