Mini personal GPS tracker PT36

Mini personal GPS tracker PT36

Model No: PT36

A device that assists you in keeping a track on the location of your loved ones. The tracker comes with a plethora of features like real time tracking, voice monitoring, SOS button and so on. As the name suggests, it is handy and pocket-size device that can be ported from one place to another effortlessly. It is equipped with the latest technological advancements and ensures that your family and friends remain safe and sound in all circumstances.


Multi-Mode Positioning

The device has a three-mode positioning that supports GPS, LBS and WiFi systems


The mini-tracker comes with a pedometer to count your steps and calorie intake and monitor your health

Voice Monitoring

Helps you to keep a check for any threatening noise that may surround your loved ones and take appropriate action

SOS Emergency Call

In case of any alarming situation, you can send instant alerts by pressing the SOS button


The waterproof feature of the product makes it a reliable one for every season. It uses the high grade IP67 technology to protect it against any water damage.


The geofencing feature can assist you in marking certain areas that are not to be tampered with. If your teenager, elder or spouse enter the unsafe territory you will be instantly updated about their location
Features Detail
Positioning GPS+LBS+WIFI+AGPS Positioning
Acceleration Sensor 3 Shaft G-Sensor
Waterproof IP65
Charging interface Pogo Pin charging
Display 1.54″ IPS Resolution 240*240
Camera 30W FF
Battery 680mAh/4.35Vli-polymer battery support NTC
Bluetooth 4.1
Display About 550uA
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
System Android 6.0
Standby time >96H
Operating Temperature -20℃~55 ℃
Device Weight BMA250EF
Device Size 49.10 X40.3X15.5mm
GPRS Class 12
Chipset MT6737
Sim card Nano
GPS Channel 66
Antenna LDS
Location Accuracy 3-10 meters
Tracking Sensitivity -165dBm A28
Acquisition Sensitivity -148dBm
TTFF (open sky) Hot start <5s Cold start<30 s
Product Features
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    IP67 Waterproof

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    Mini size

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    Light weight

  • smartapp

    Compatible Android and IOS system

One of the smallest GPS Trackers in the world, a product by ThinkRace Technology PT36 is the ideal GPS tracking device for you. For you being relieved for your loved one’s safety, this device is bliss. It is impenetrable t dust, vibration, change in altitude, temperature shock and is waterproof. You can track from the app and application provided by us.

Pocket-size personal GPS Tracker

PT36 is a mini GPS Tracking Device which is perfect for kids,
elders as well as adults. Apart from its size it does
not compromise with the safety features.

Cutting edge features in small space

With such a small size, PT36 is one of the most reliable devices
for the safety of your loved ones. It has some of the advanced
and best feature which makes it more desirable..

Mini Personal GPS tracker PT36 is a small wonder that has a multitude of features that can aid you in managing the safety of your near and dear ones. With this portable GPS tracker you can sit back and relax while your family members are out there in the world.