May 24, 2018

Simple and effective way to keep seniors protected, healthy and independent!

Getting older can seem daunting­—greying hair, wrinkles, forgetting where you parked the car and many more things like that.  As painful as thinking about this might be, but passing through this age is common and everyone has to pass through this stage of life. The more you understand the challenges of each stage of the life, the more likely you are to successfully move on.

Not everyone passes through this stage smoothly but maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help you a lot to overcome this issue, like quitting smoking and losing weight.  All you can do is to help our old-aged people be comfortable and safe in their lives.

Noticing a difference in your loved one’s appearance and becoming proactive is the first step in helping care for their health and well-being. But motivating them to stay active and even realizing the importance of exercise to seniors will help them to extend their quality of life. Staying positive, patient and kind when trying to motivate a loved one to be more active will go a long way.

The smartest way to make seniors protected!

The stress of daily living, coping with a chronic medical condition, or other life crises can disrupt the safety and security of elderly people.  To overcome this matter, ThinkRace Technology comes with an idea to keep your loved ones in a protection net and designed a product elderly GPS tracker PT88,  which is specially designed for the elderly people for their safety and security & and help families in gaining peace of mind.

Basically, these tracking devices are a fashion statement for someone; a neat piece of technology for others but what ThinkRace Technology manufactures offer is a powerful combination of both.

Have a look how our product is different from others:

  • Real-time location: Get exact and reliable real-time location
  • Multi-Mode Positioning: Supports GPS, LBS, Wi-Fi, and also trace history of up to 3 months
  • SOS Emergency call: In case of emergency, tap on the SOS button to trigger a crucial call
  • Two Way Communication: Dial & answer the calls and conduct voice message
  • Health Monitor: Report & monitor sleep, calorie, pedometer, real-time distance through API and platform

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home, and seniors are no exception. You can help yourself or a loved one by creating a safe living place with elderly GPS tracker technology and make your life blissful and vigorous.

In order to build your own brand of fitness tracking solutions, we at, GPS tracker factory provides complete OEM/ODM/JDM services to our clients and helps in turning their great ideas into commercially with a powerful combination of high quality and after sales technical support.